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A wide range of print services from SRP are on offer
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A wide range of design services from SRP are on offer
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The Company

SRP Design & Print Limited is a well established, family-run printers offering design, print and finishing services to clients in Chichester and the south of England.
It works with clients on a local, regional and national basis to deliver innovate design and quality print ranging from business cards to leaflets, brochures, books and other printed products.
Company History

It’s a long way from the company’s humble beginnings as a printer of the local St Richard’s Church lottery tickets (hence the original name of the firm).

But the family of the founder, Joseph Noller, are still involved in the business on a daily basis and they place great store on the personal service and values instilled by Joseph.

The story of the creation of St Richard’s Press is one of enterprise and good fortune.

Joseph was working as a volunteer on Saturday evenings at the local Catholic church which was running a fund-raising scheme involving the production and sale of football result sheets to members of the parish in order to build a new church.
This was pre national lottery times and football pools were in their heyday with the result that the St Richard’s Church scheme soon became extremely popular putting pressure on the weekly production of sufficient forms.
Joseph was approached and asked to take over the printing and with the assistance of a £1,000 loan from the National Westminster Bank he set up a small print works in The Hornet, Chichester, using a Letterpress printing machine.
With the business developing well as a result of the interest of other parishes, St Richards Press Ltd was formed in 1962 and Joseph bought a plot of land at Terminus Road, Chichester, on which a factory was built in 1965/66 to house more printing machinery.

The business passed to Joseph’s two sons, Ray and Graeme Noller in 1994, some 13 years after the St Richard’s Football Pool had been wound up having raised a total of three quarters of a million pounds (about £17 million in today’s money).

Today, SRP is run by Graeme and his wife, Philippa, and their son Philip.