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Print services

A wide range of print services from SRP are on offer
Our range of pre-press, print and finishing equipment enables us to prepare and deliver a wide range of printed documents, including

Design services

A wide range of design services from SRP are on offer
Great print goes hand in hand with great design and we have expanded our design services to meet the needs of our customers.

I am pleased to report that the finished book was presented to our AGM and was much admired by the members, who all bought a copy (without their arms being twisted!). It is now on sale in Middleton and soon to appear in Felpham and Bognor…


Top Talk - a Q&A session with Graeme Noller, managing director of SRP.

Q. Why choose SRP for my print work?
The print industry is an extremely competitive one but we believe that personal, customer service and a quality product are as important as a realistic price for the job.

Q. How do you monitor your service?
We are extremely fortunate to have a strong client base enabling us to maintain regular contact with our customers. We offer on-line quoting and ordering through our new website but we always make a point of ensuring we are available to give advice and assistance.

Q. Does it help that SRP is still run by the family of the founder?
My family has a tradition of offering print services to the local and regional communities for over 40 years and this continuity has helped us enormously in terms of building and maintaining a resolute and dependable business. The print industry has changed considerably during this time but we do our best to uphold the values and customer service ethic on which our business was founded.

Q. How has SRP evolved to face the new challenges?
We have introduced new equipment and a bespoke business management system to enable us to be more responsive to our customers’ needs. Perhaps the most important development has been the introduction of digital printing alongside our offset litho machine(s).

Q. What is the difference between digital and litho printing?
Traditional offset litho printing enables us to tackle larger projects involving lengthy print runs and larger paper sizes. This enables us to provide consistent high quality work on a wide range of paper stock.

Digital printing is more cost effective for short-run work and enables us to offer print variable information for those wishing to customise their output.

We are happy to advise our clients on the better route for their print work based on their requirements for each job.

Q. Your new website offers on-line advice and ordering. What happens if I am new to placing print or need assistance?
The website is there to set out our stall in terms of what we offer but our knowledge and experience is only a phone call away. Please call us on 01243 782988 to discuss any aspect of your job.

Q. And if I prefer to order on-line?
Our Artwork Guidelines in the About Us section offers comprehensive guidance about the do's and don’ts of submitting artwork to us whilst the Estimate Request Form in the Contact Us section enables customers to get instant quotes for their work.

Q. I am in the process of setting up a new business. How can you help?
We acknowledge that most start-ups will rely heavily on the web and social media for many aspects of their trading activities, but there will always be a need for some tactile, printed materials to complement an on-line presence. We offer a business start-up package including business cards, letterheads and with compliments slips. See our Special Offers page for more details. Hopefully as your business grows we will continue to work with you by providing essential print projects.

Q. I notice you are promoting a Design Services group within SRP. How does this integrate with your print group?
Preparation is key to achieve a top quality print job and this begins with the selection of material such as words, pictures, design and preparation for print. Our Design Services group has extensive experience in these areas and work hand in hand with our Print Service group in terms of preparing documents for print. They are also able to take a brief from a client and create artwork using their extensive knowledge of branding, effective design and formatting for our print presses.

Q. You obviously take pride in the fact that you are a local business with connections in the community.
Our local reputation has taken us years to establish and we know that this good work could be soon undone if we ignored our responsibilities as a local employer and community member.